January 9, 2008


Does the caffeine in the coffee really perk you or you pretending to do that to fit in with everyone else around you?

(A question from a non-coffee drinker).


Preethi said...

Oh. It does perk one up. No pretends here!

Alameen said...

Don't know about Coffee...
But Tea does the magic..

LostWeasley said...

no coffee NEVER perks me up and i don't pretend it does either
but i used to be addicted to tea few months ago.

KP said...

It perks you! I am caffeine addicted...i need a cup of tea or coffee in the morning...coffee is easier...since starbuck is on my way to work!

c e e d y said...

I can see what you mean - yes sometimes it all in the mind

reminds me of a funny incidence - a guy who wanted to fit in with everyone (one of my friends) - we gave him water mixed with very little vodka in a vodka bottle - very diluted - he did pretend he was on a high that night - which is impossible :)

eagleharry said...

well dont know bot coffee ..
but a mars bar surly kicks in tons of energy in me ..


Solitaire said...

@ Preethi..good for you!

@ Alameen..yeah I have heard the same too but I dont drink tea!

@ Lostweasley, addicted to the test or to the perks?

Solitaire said...

@ KP, Doesn't work serve free coffee?
How about mountain dew?

@ Ceedy, Aaah...Seen a lot of those kinds of people!

@ Eagleharry, oh no!! Now I am craving a Mars!

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. I agree I used to do sme things to fit in the crowd back in college :)
but not anymore..
b/w I like Tea better.. and I pretend I like dark Chocolate stuff/ coffee drinks ;)
where as I like nutty chocolates .. and I pretend that I love Cafe Coffe Day..where as I think I ate it.. coz the price tag kills me every time ;)

And one more thing.. I pretend to myself that I am great which I am not ;B

lov n cheerz

KP said...

"Doesn't work serve free coffee?"
trust me u dont want to drink free coffee....I hate that stuff....Starbuck coffee is smooth and I am not big fan of soda...i dont know why...I prefer water...:)

Solitaire said...

@ Veens, that's pretty bold and insightful!

@ KP, if and when you can afford it, buy the Starbucks coffee maker. I have heard good things about it.

Darshini said...

Caffeine (from coffee, tea, coke/pepsi, chocolate...) has been scientifically proven to be a stimulant. Its just that some people require more of it than others to achieve the 'perky' effect.

Known Stranger said...

Is this called " Living with society"