October 7, 2008


Some castes require the bride to change her first name after the wedding.

If you had to choose another name for yourself (mandatory), what would it be and why?

(Does not matter what your gender is!!)

Please pick an Indian name and an International name


Southpaw unplugged said...

What a timing...just a couple of days back i was chatting casually with one of my spanish counterpart on a similar subject, she came out with a name for me as per my DOB & TOB, LUCAS JUEREZ, Liked that name then...

mayz said...

Amitabh Bachchan

Tom Cruise :D :D

Blue Kite Dreamz said...

A name is like yr identity..a part of your self..a name that has been called out by yr parents..teachers..friends...airport announcements..yr report cards..the name u had been eager to hear during award give aways...yr medals and certificates have it all....u have made a name for yrself...yr boyfriend has etched yr name on millions of walls..and letters to you....
what happens to yr signature then..assuming most of us use their first name as signature....its like someones is snatching away yr identity...

I am already much against changing the second name....

I guess the caste u have mentioned has done its homework well over the centuries...dont u see the name changing tradition is a subtle way of telling the wd be bride to accept the fact that she should be ready for many chnages in her life now...changes...which
would mandatorily erase her previous identity..its like formating a hard disk..renaming it...hard disk has no life about it...doesnt the women have one....

sorry..no offense meant....

Prakhar said...

Indian- Gabbar :D (I dun kno ne other gabbar..so it will be unique)

International - I already have one..Jack..thats what my frends call me (actually they have modified that to Jacko/jackie/Jaickara/Zackz etc..)

..nd regarding brides required to change their name...i guess its not particular to some castes...it was in older days when there were less names around..so if bride's name was same as someone else's name then it was changed...(..also if mom-in-laws felt the name was a bit powerful :D)

vishesh said...

Hmm....Thirukodandai kandhadai Srinivasraghavachari :)

ha global? Nano Nomez Silvester thierry Nelson Zoko Zambai Paparati Ponusami John :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

international it wud be Hemz..:P...since keshi calls and it seems bit posh lol :P..

and for local it wud be hemu :P..as sneha always call me that :)..


Kiran Sawhney said...

I was asked to change mine and I refused outrightly. I have grown up with my name- Kiran. And i identify with it. I would not even respond if someone called me by any other name.

Soham Shah said...

Indian Name: Saajan

What do u really mean by international name ??

How do we know said...

That would be "Khushi" for Indian name and "Dana" for an international name. Dana means the wise one in Persian and Urdu.

Chriz said...

chriz Rocks

Chris Tamil ( Yes i love my language)

Iceman said...

Mogambo.... khush hua...

And... Scaramanga...

Hiren said...

which caste mandates the change of first name ???? Have heard and seen people doing it because they dont like the first name of the bride or when its too tongue twisting for elders in the family etc ... but never have heard that any caste mandates the change of first name ...

any other names havent allured me so far :) i am very very happy with my name and the few nicks :)

Cess said...

woow, u really have to change ur name? It s loosing ur identity?

Ok for the name, don t know much about indian name so I checked on the internet and I like:
Sahana (which apparently means Patience, and i m so not patient:)
or Leela (which mean 'amusement' more me)
As for international name i like:
Lylah or Laleh (Persian name which means Tulip)

Aneesh said...

Indian name Rahul,
International name? what is it? isn't one name enough?

ANWESA said...

shweta..hows it?

catherine..hows it?

¢яŷştąŁ said...

Ellen Sankrityayan Panditayan Purohit!

Lol! =D

Btw..come check out the hilarious fun on my blog =)

Manasa said...

I wouldn't change at first place :D

Vinz aka Vinu said...

i dont wanna change my name..

then, Jimmy is an appealing name for me...!!

The Solitary Writer. said...

aneesh stephen

coz i love it and i am known by these names although my name is not aneesh


Tuhin said...

Indian name - Shantanu
International name - !Xobile

Abhinav said...

I would like my bride to be named as "Stupidosaur"

Nationality is not a barrier in love and war...

lukkydivz said...

juhi & lena :P thats the only international name/person am fond of :P

Shachi said...

Indian & International - Shachi :)

Me Mini Mini Mouse said...

MANDATORY??? ummmmmm

ok, Indian wud be Sameera n international wud be Rene'


Stupidosaur said...


I personally do not dig gay humans and will not marry you. But yeah if you would like to rename babhiji after me, I'll be honoured.

Anyways Stupidosaur is a unisex name. Its name of a sepcies, just like 'human' is a unisex name, so its okay to rename your bride (or groom as the case may be) to Stupidosaur.

For more details on genders of Stupidosaurs, please go through comments section of


especially my last comment there.

Infact, Stupidosaur is not just International, but also Intergalactic. So you can use it even if you marry some weirdass creature from planet Zaguga

Stupidosaur said...


So is this love or war?

comfortably numb said...

sum frnds call me Sam...n its nice too:)

Keshi said...

**Some castes require the bride to change her first name after the wedding.

never heard of this ridiculous requirement before today! YUKK which dingbat does that anyways?

**If you had to choose another name for yourself (mandatory), what would it be and why?

Since u asked I'll take part in this. But in real life, if my partner asked me to do that, it'll be him who's getting a new name...and that wud be 'Black-n-blue face'...after me punching him ofcourse!

wut wud I choose if this happened to me? hmmm...let me see..

Indian: Pathidevi

English: Blondina


Iceman said...

how about ghatothkaj?

Ria said...

hmmm ok i wudnt like to change my name in the 1st place but since u hav said its mandatory then lemme think....Ok here they are:

Indian: Isha becoz it means 'Woman' in Hebrew and 'To Protect' in Sanskrit.

International: Rachel coz it means an 'A pure little lamb'.

Love both the names.

Idling in Top Gear said...

Indian: Raj - Everyone thinks all Indians are named Raj anyway :) Plus, it would be super funny w/ my last name.

International: Raoul - women would think I'm some gigolo :)

Anonymous said...

Sparsh and Grace

Ankur said...

Well... i dont want to change my name... i love it!!!
but as a part of the game, i guess...

Indian: Aamir Khan!! ;) :D
Do u really want this gainda to give any reasons.. haha!! :P

International: Michael Scolfield or Howard Roark
I love the 1st character from the famous series Prison Break and the 2nd from my fav novel (The Foutainhead from Ayn Rand) and i would love to potray any of these 2 characters in real life!!

Abhinav said...

@ Stupidosaur

I personally do not dig gay humans and will not marry you.

So have you hired someone to dig gay humans for you?

But yeah if you would like to rename babhiji after me, I'll be honoured.

My sole motive was to honor you. I am a fan buddy. Why would I like to marry a single sex creature?

So you can use it even if you marry some weirdass creature from planet Zaguga

Actually I know a person from Zaguga (it is also a unisex) and it told me weird stories about its relation with a stupidosaur.. Please explain this to the public!

Love or war?

War??? I am very peaceful human being buddy... why would I wage a war against sum1 who is already existingct!

Stupidosaur said...

//So have you hired someone to dig gay humans for you?

Why would I do that unless the gay human had died because of accidentally swallowing the Kohinoor or some such?

//Why would I like to marry a single sex creature?

Well I thought cos you are normal. Only rare people marry hermaphrodites (multi sex creatures)
unisex = universal sex. not unit sex. As Unisex Hairdressers, Unisex Spas and the blahs.

//Actually I know a person from Zaguga (it is also a unisex) and it told me weird stories about its relation with a stupidosaur.. Please explain this to the public!

Umm ????

Paris Hilton is a human. Just because you are one too, can you explain all relations other humans had with her?

I am just another stupidosaur. Its your friend we are talking about. You be our guiding light in these matters.

//War??? I am very peaceful human being buddy... why would I wage a war against sum1 who is already existingct!

Well how would I know?
I know of humans who waged War with the existingct for their Love of becoming extinct.

Anyways, marry a Kaur. They are quite used to unsex names. Jasleen, Gurpreet, Manjeet, etc. Applicable to both genders.

Then you can name Kaur after stupidosaur.

Although she might, withought knowing the enlightening background, consider you an MCP when you will call her "Stupid woman", pyar se.

Maybe you can call her just Saur, like Anil Kapoor calls Rani Mukherjee Chhipkali in Nayak movie.

And its also technically correct if you read the comments of post I mentioned earlier


Stupidosaur said...

Mr. India - Indian
Mogambo - International

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

@ mayz
you stole my names bro..

i have back up though

Daara Singh

Michael Schofield

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

oh..and i rolled you(this is not a name) ;D

Pavi!!!! said...

I was apprehensive abt changin the 2nd name..cant even imagine hvg to change the 1st name...

Tho i do know 2 friends who changed their 1st name

1. coz her name was same as her MIL's...n her hubby cldnt call her by name!!!
2.Coz her 1st name would have brought bad-luck toher husband!


If i was stuck in such a situation..i'd simply change Pavithra to Pavi.

BTW..if i change my name...it'll be Sasha..(its russian n has an indian element to it)

Solitaire said...

@ Southpaw,

WOW! What a name!

What other indian name would you like?

Solitaire said...

@ Mayz,

Waah waah!! Would you like your wife's name to Jaya then?

And Angelina?

Solitaire said...

@ Blue Kite,

I think what you are saying makes complete sense. I guess in today's society where everyone wants to pretend that things are equal for men and women, such mandatory demands ought to be removed.

Solitaire said...

@ Prakhar,

Hahahha!! Gabbar! I will call you Gabbar from now on. And the short form will be Gabbu!

Oh and btw, bride changing names still happens. It happened with ALL my sindhi friends and a few marathi friends.

Solitaire said...

@ Vishesh,


Are you trying to create a world record or what?

Solitaire said...

@ Hemu,

Waah waaah!! Ladkiya jo bolti hai wohi karta hai kya? I wonder who will be the permanent lucky girl in your life. Or wait..were you trying to hit on us?

Solitaire said...

@ Kiran,

Good for you! I still don't know how the women who change their names deal with it!

Solitaire said...

@ Soham,

I mean a name that is from another country and maybe recognized internationally.

Solitaire said...

@ How do we know,

Oh I love KHUSHI!! And dana..reminds me of daane daane pe likha hai khaane waale ka naam!

Solitaire said...

@ Chriz,


Solitaire said...

@ Iceman,


Solitaire said...

@ Hiren,

You cannot be very very happy with your names. Even some sindhi and marathi brides are very very happy with their names and have to change them. So you have to change yours too ..even if its for this blog and for just a second!

Solitaire said...

@ Cess,

Yes! Some Indian women have to do it.


Sahana is a lovely name!!!!
Leela...hmmmm....its a bit old fashioned.

Solitaire said...

@ Aneesh,

Rahul was such a nice name until SRK started using it in every damn movie. Now I hate it. Sorry!!

International name...just in case it was an international person you were marrying who also had that requirement. :p

Solitaire said...

@ Anwesa,

Both nice and royal. :)

Solitaire said...

@ Crystal,

WOWW! Kaunsi raashi thi ke aisa naam chuna?

Solitaire said...

@ Manasa,

You have to!!!
What if your mom in law asks you to and you are too chicken to say no!?

Solitaire said...

@ Vinz,

Have you heard jimmy jimmy aaja aaja song?

Solitaire said...

@ Solitary writer,

We have an ANEESH here. He will be mighty thrilled to know that someone picked his name.

Solitaire said...

@ Tuhin,

Haha!! Russell Peter influence?

Solitaire said...

@ Abhinav,

Who is asking about your bride? I am asking about YOU! Will your name then be WICKEDOSAUR?

Solitaire said...

@ Lukky,

Juhi like Juhi Chawala? I like that name too.

And Lena is the only international person you know?????

Solitaire said...

@ Shachi,

You have it good!

Solitaire said...

@ Mini,


Nice choices.

Southpaw unplugged said...

Ummm Indian name...well i m quite happy with my real name Rajbir, another name i guess wud be Veer, short and easy...

¢яŷştąŁ said...

Main toh keval taang kheech rahi thi =P

I would choooose,
Caroline Khanna.

Sounds weird!

Solitaire said...

@ Comfortably,

That's so close to your name. Not fair!

Solitaire said...

@ Keshi,

LOL!! Gosh!! You are too funny...those names and your reactions too!!

I don't think the husband requires it but the mom in law does! And some husbands are just too chicken to stand up for their wives!

Solitaire said...

@ Iceman,

I like chironjilaal better.

Solitaire said...

@ Ria,

I love both those names too!!!!!

Prakhar said...

Gabbu..hmm..alrite m game for that :)...but on one condition...choose a name for urself too..both indian nd international :D (nd dun choose sneha...coz i think thats ur real name!)

Prakhar said...


Hahahahah....blondina it is!!

Solitaire said...

@ Idling,

I love RAJ. It was Aamir Khan's name in QSQT!

Solitaire said...

@ Anonymous,

Okay!! Male or female? I am confused!

Solitaire said...

@ Ankur,

Damn!!! You want to adopt Aamir Khan's name? Do you plan on wearing his face mask as well?


Solitaire said...

@ STUPID and Abhinav,

Hope there is no war cooking up here.

BTW, LOL at Stupid's comment of asking abhinav to marry a Kaur with a unisex name!


Solitaire said...

@ V,

Ankur stole your international name too!!!!

Solitaire said...

@ Stupid,

So if you have those names, are you planning on changing your wife's name to Sridevi?

Solitaire said...

@ V,

Thank you!

Solitaire said...

@ Pavi,

I loved Sasha too until I realized it is one of my co-worker's dog's name and another friend told me that he had met a stripper in a strip club called Sasha!

Apparently, a lot of strippers have Russian names.

Solitaire said...

@ Southpaw

I like your name too!! It sounds so royal!

Solitaire said...

@ Crystal,

Caroline Khanna?

Where did that come from?

Solitaire said...

@ Prakhar,


I would pick Khushi (as someone already said earlier) and Angela. :)


Prakhar said...

Khush nahin.. Angel it is!

nd wl pronounce is Angle :P

Ankur said...

hahah... i didnt know girl love masks!! :P
i thought the name wud be more than enugh, and u asked for changing the name, not me, which is m not gonna change anyways!!! :D


Keshi said...

lol Prakhar and Sol!

**I don't think the husband requires it but the mom in law does

So is this a gay marriage? I mean am I getting married to the MIL?


Aneesh said...

Yah, I'm thrilled, to hear that someone liked my name.. WOW!

This is how we make international names. If we want we can make an indian name international.
Well, anyways, my favourite name of west is Harry, thinking of HP.

Pavi!!!! said...

Oh nooooooooo! how dare they name their doggie Sasha...

as for the stripper..hmm that actually doesnt bother me soooooooo much. n im not very shocked...sasha is a very stylish name!

Abhinav said...

# stupidosaur

why do you put your blog address again and again here?

Cheap publicity huh?

# Sol

Well there is no war here.. thats just brotherly talk... (I hope thats the case 'there' as well or may be he/she/it may have some other plans about me)

Hiren said...

hmmm .... cant seem to think of any good name ... you suggest :)

Vandita said...

i love my name but i like my sister's name too so maybe hers: Vaishali
and international : Isabel or Veronica

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I would still pick the same name that I have. I could never imagine myself with any other name. As they say, the sweetest sound in the world is the sound of your own name. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

AmitL said...

I smell something fishy--Sol,this is the third post in recent months, wherein you asked for baby names...u sure there's nothing fishy??
Anyway,names I'd pick:
Indian and International: Adam(You can't get more 'international' than that,na?)..maybe,in Hindi,they'd pronounce it 'Aadam'.

Satish Bolla said...

i never believe in these stupid traditions. but if i get a chance(WTF) to change my name:

Indian name: Satish(same stupid old name)

International name : Dennis(after Dennis, the menace. I just love this guy)

Alameen said...

Indian name: Barbarika, the Mahabharath real hero..

Western: Shakespeare ;)
Eastern: Omar.

Blue Kite Dreamz said...

Ok just for the sake of it...

Indian name : Abhimanyu ..
Intl name : aAabHeee-man-you

Cain said...

I guess I'd adopt my nickname...Para. Or be called Cain :D