April 3, 2008


What shall we do about this?


carolinagal said...

Its that jerk Jim again!!!
You should write him a comment and demand to have your picture taken of!1

Keshi said...

Unfortunately NOTHING. Cos that losa did that to me so many times before. Used my pics, linked me to Playboy sites, abused my ID etc etc etc.

He's a mental patient Solitaire...mebbe u can give him counseling but I dun think even that wud help.

Ur experiencing this for the first time...but in my 4yrs of Blogging, I hv been abused online in ways that r not even imaginable. Imagine ur ID being cloned and others receiving abusive comments by your clone? Well that happened to me for a long time and had all my friends confused.

Nothing can be done to stop such losers. But there's something that can be done from our sides. IGNORE.

I know it's hard to ignore such shocking behavior, but wut can u do abt morons online? NOTHING. There's a Sinhalese quote that goes like this:

"Modayata bana kivuta therenne ne"

Meaning, an Idiot will never understand.

There's another one:

"Moda kamata beheth ne"

Meaning, dumbness cannot be cured by any medicine.

So my advice for u wud be to IGNORE. This is what I hv been doing for a very long time now. Somtimes I feel like quitting blogs cos of unbearable behavior by some ppl...my blog life is a daily battle with abuse.


Pavi!!!! said...

We need to do more than a comment asking him to take it off! cant think of what that xtra thing is tho :|

Coward will anywez take it off now that u have a post on it!
Super angry !

Keshi said...

Solitaire why I cant see ur STOP blog anymore? :(


Solitaire said...

@ Keshi, its not visible..

Its manicsolitaire

Cosmic Joy said...

You can try to send an email to google blogger helpdesk and see explain the situation to them. Maybe they can do something.

Nirmal's Blog said...

tats sick man.....but we can hardly do anything.......

Ghost Particle said...

Hemmm...yeh i agree with Keshi...ignoring is the best medicine. I mean, its either he has too much time or hes hiring people to do this, judging from his blog list! did anyone see how many blogs he has!

Kesh! teach me sinhalese semi-bad words. :p

SambY said...

ignore him..maybe he will go away :-)

Keshi said...

Cosmic_Joy I hv done all of that before..to so many helpdesks and online security sites. No one cud help me. Infact most helpdesk ppl seem to resepct the abuser than teh victim! Cos they kept asking me to provide proof as drivers' licence, any photo Id etc before they cud look into that matter. I was so furious I gave up.

Cos on the Internet, no one can tell who's who..and it's difficult to tackle such issues. As much as I love the Internet, I hate it for reasons like this. It's a Jerks' Paradise!


Keshi said...

hey Ghosty :)

**Kesh! teach me sinhalese semi-bad words

LOL I hate Sinhalese swear words...I dunno why but English ones seem to easier on the mind LOL!


Keshi said...

tnxx Solitaire!


Deepali said...

Flag the blog and get your friends to do the same.

Alok said...

Don't take offense.
The guy's just displayed his weakness.

Don't show any concern about him.

Ignore, as many people have already said.

Ghost Particle said...

how long do someone need to wait for a Thank you. sigh...shrinks! :p

---> Kesh... hehehe here too, Tamil ones takes the vulgarity to a whole diff level, better stick wit english.

rayshma said...

i didn't realize what was going on till i read the comments here...!!!
can't we report the user for abuse? like we can flag blogs off... maybe we can do the same to the user... no?

Pavi!!!! said...

This is not good !that pr*** has not yet taken out the pic!

@Rayshma : do u know how to flag blogs?Can u tell us?That sounds like an option.

aneri_masi said...

The pics gone for now. That's creepy!

KP! said...

may be try reverse psychology send him get well soon card......:)

rOhit said...

Okay! Till a long time I thought thats ANOTHER of your zillion blogs which you maintain. And I was like whats wrong in here? :O

Till I read the comments here and got to know the story.

Well can we really do something?

c e e d y said...

well dont worry - just imagine if your wish about being a movie star was true - your picture would have been found at many other places

Satish Bolla said...

jus like someone above me mentioned, find out whether the blogger people takes action on people take action on guys like this, try to write to them. we r all here to support u. or just stay mum. mayb the sicko will get bored n move to other girls(shit)

vEENs said...

crap.. i thought it was yur nre blog or smething :-|

but i m really sorry to see this Solitaire. argghhh! in a way it is scary.

rayshma said...

@pavi: there's an option which reads "flag blog" in teh same line as u see the dashboard option... on the top-bar. i did click on it after i'd commented... but they check for blog content... dunno if it helps.
the pic's off now, tho...
and this is so strange... but where's my comment on his blog go?! :(