September 22, 2008

Bad Monday

Had a very bad start to the week this morning. :(
You have two options, if you will.

1) Give me some cuss words to vent my frustration.
2) Give me some great tips to cheer up myself.


Ghost Particle said...

u can beat up someone, then laugh. it might cheer u up.

Iceman said...

Hanuman Chalisa...

works like a magic tonic! makes everything alright!

Ria said...

Too bad tht i cant help u. I myself m in a very sad state of mind.

Neeku said...

let me give you my set of venting out Cuss words,

Sallo, Gadhedo, Kutro, Vandro, Billado....and Bhess !

Phew... its always therapeutic =D

Pavi!!!! said...

Gossip about someone u don't like with a friend...Laugh and entertain urself while ur gossipin..Be a li'l bad...n u shld start feeling better.

Random Hugs:)

carolinagal said...

I had a terrible start to my morning as well!! I had to take some ativan to calm myself down :(

Ankur said...

well.. i can tell u the future...
Aamir is coming to meet u!!! :D

now smile!! :)


Ankur said...

and one more thing... ur blog has a google ad which goes like this...

Find a girlfriend on OLX
Women with pictures waiting for you OLX is 100% free: start browsing!


wat sol... wats this!! :P

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

eat a frog.
that should: distract you.

then you can be sure that nothing worse can happen in the week/day!

that should:
cheer you up!

lukkydivz said...


smile plz ;)

btw di, NGC is national geographic channel :P

Vinz aka Vinu said...

just tell yourself to cheer up..thats it..!!

Stupidosaur said...


Say it loud venting all your frustration.

(One of my old roommates invented this word, which soon became quite a rage among our circle and beyond. It is a one word language. It can express fun, surprise, disgust, happiness
,VENTING FRUSTRATION and many other things. In fact when you go to an eatery at place where you don't know the language, you can ask the waiter to bring you POKK, keeping a very straight face. He will profusely apologise for not having it with them.)

(The word is like many chinese words and sentences. The meaning can totally change based on the tone and context. In fact POKK has a much wider scope and range than any chinese word.)

In fact the word became so popular so soon amongst so many people in so many cities that we went to in those few months, that we one day expect to hear that word when we are in some remote part of the world, say Greenland.

Try saying it in tone of venting frustration. Also try saying it cheerfully . Works every time. You will soon realise the Power Of POKK!

Anonymous said...

Have an icecream or chocolate or both :) something that is sweet will definitely cheer ya up..


Tuhin said...

Watch tropic thunder. Eat a cheese laden unhealthy mexican dinner. And end it with aphrodite from Yia Yia Mary's.

Kris Bass said...

Honey, nothing could be worser than my life right now. So cheer up!

Cess said...

Read my Monday Morning Jokes, i m trying to get over the 'Monday sucks' for me :)
hope it will be better tomorrow!

Keshi said...

Boy o boy, some of the advice u got here to cheer urself up will actually make u feel worse. :)

**) Give me some cuss words to vent my frustration.

The F word usually does it for me. Its like an instant remedy. Motherfucker also works for me lol!

**2) Give me some great tips to cheer up myself.

Ankur, Anony and Cess suggested some nice ones for u Sol.

Read some jokes, eat ur fav dessert, go for a refreshing run, listen to ur fav songs, watch a nice DVD...or go for a nice long drive. How abt shopping?

Here's a joke to make u smile:

Banta Singh was sun-bathing on the beach. A man comes and asks him this:

'r u relaxing?'

Banta Singh says:

'noooo I'm not Relax Singh, I'm Banta Singh u moron!'

The man leaves in shock.

Hope u feel better soon. TC.


Priya Joyce said...

mere blog par aakar mera post poor me padh sach mein huss huss ke lot pot ho jaayegi

waise toh tu pappu can't dance waala song bhi sun sakti hai

toh ye thee cheer up karne ke mere saste or tikaau nuskhe.

carolinagal said...

The SATC DVD comes out tomorrow!! Thats something to look forward to :)

Suresh Kumar said...

Read my blog.
You will either get cheered up
you will get all the swear words by yourself without any one's else and all the anger would be directed to me and wud be shortlived.

mayz said...

vodka on d rocks!!!

APOO said...

Hmmm... I would walk to ya with my arms spread to give you a hug... coz a hug is an awesome thing... but then looking at scary me, you would be like... "oh no, help!" and start running... and would chase you, arms all spread, saying, "Solitaire, come to me!!" and you would be running ahead... faster, shouting "bachao".... and...

Oh, just try to imagine that and I am sure u'll forget about Monday!

Arjun said...

i'm writing this post facto - your day has passed and a new one is upon you!!
I hope things are better now..... :-)
Do let us know what finally worked for you!!

Ankur said...

koi batayega ki hansi aayi ya nahi??

ceedy said...

Next time watch this - specially if irritated on Monday morning

Ankur said...

abe koi jawag dega... finally kya hua???

Solitaire said...

@ Ghost,

No energy to do that.

Solitaire said...

@ Iceman,

Yeah I have heard that! Thanks for the idea!

Solitaire said...

@ ria,

I know. I read your post. :(
We can be buddies in this state of mind.

Solitaire said...

@ Neeku,

These are NOT cuss words!

Solitaire said...

@ Pavi,

But the friend who would listen was not available yesterday. :(

Solitaire said...

@ CG,

I wish I had the guts to self-medicate!

Solitaire said...

@ Ankur,

You are a quack!

Solitaire said...

@ Ankur,

Is that really what the google ad says????????? DAMN!

Solitaire said...

@ Busy,

I actually like frog legs. That might in fact cheer me up.

Solitaire said...

@ Lukky,

I am smiling. Just soooo exhausted!

Solitaire said...

@ Vinz,

Didn't work.

Solitaire said...

@ Stupid,



Solitaire said...

@ Anonymous,

I am pretty positive I will cry even more when I say the number of calories on the wrapper!

Solitaire said...

@ Tuhin,

Cheese sounds good!

What is Yia Yia Mary's?

Solitaire said...

@ Kris,

Really? I am not so sure about that but I believe you.

Ankur said...

ek toh hasao.. aur uppar se gali khao... quack!!! :P

and yes.. thats wat the ad said... :P
by god i found it so funny!!

Solitaire said...

@ Cess,

I wish it was related to Monday Blues. Unfortunately, its related to annual blues or something.

Ankur said...

with all her admirers!!!

Solitaire said...

@ Keshi,

All those ideas sound so good (except the running part) but I am so fatigued right now (or was last night) that even walking to the TV from the couch seems like a task!

Solitaire said...

@ Priya,

Pappu Can't Dance sunke toh rona aata hai ke Imran Khan and Aamir Khan both are taken and can never be mine! :(

Solitaire said...

@ CG,

I am still struggling to own all the seasons!!!!

Solitaire said...

@ Suresh,

Really? Will visit you soon!

Solitaire said...

@ Mayz,

Blah! Don't want a hangover on Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

ok take some veggies and smash them around!

carolinagal said...

**I am still struggling to own all the seasons**
I didn't understand what you meant.

chacha said...

kick some ass, watch channel V jabardast hits, shake some legs (I do it when I am alone at home) or chat with someone, anyone for your happiness sake only (bit selfish) ... mite cheer u up. Rest toh sab dimaag ki bimari hai, depends person to person, I cant be down for long..

Priya Joyce said...

ha ha gr8 imraan ye he's cool
par aamir ka toh pata nahi he keeps changing ha ha lol

Priya Joyce said...

I mean changing his

Solitaire said...

@ CG,

All the seasons of SATC!

carolinagal said...

Ahhh...I had forgotten that I had written a comment abt the SATC dvd. I thought your response was to my 'ativan' comment, which is why it didn't make sense at first.
Thanks for clearing that up.

Aneesh said...

Bad Monday doesn't mean the rest of the week will be bad.
So, cheer up!!
After all, how many Mondays have gone by and how many more yet to come!!

Deepali said...

Have things changed or still bad? Venting doesn't help me a lot even though I do it often enough and usually I don't find too many things that will cheer me up.

Only quick mood lifter is music. Turn on a song you love (and preferably quite loudly) and if it is a sing along type of song, then sing along. If it's a fast number, then dance. If you do try it and feel better, let me know.

Blue Kite Dreamz said...

Pick up a fountain pen..write a letter to someone...

AmitL said...

Hi,Sol-I missed this post,but,can't resist 'helping'you,so,here's some suggestions:

1. Cuss words: Goddam* the dangblasted..(I rarely say that)
Oh,shucks!(In a deep voice)..that's more effective.
Oh,shits! Or, Oh,Sheeeet!!(As I've heard some 'Gujjubens' say!!)
Do you read Tintin?Then,how about Captain Haddock's favourite- Billions of Bilious Blue Blistering Barnacles in a Thundering Typhoon' (By the time you say it,you'll be breathless and feeling good)
2. Great tips to cheer you up?
-- Read some of your fav. blogs.(Ahem??)
-- Read my (18+)jokes blog(url in my blogroll)
-- Treat yourself to some tutti frutti icecream
-- Make a list of what your heart desires the most,plan a budget, and,then,go shopping for any one of the items,which falls in 'affordable' category.(That's just a personal suggestion-going to shop,and finding something too expensive,leaves be feeling bugged.So, I plan the budget first,then,buy,say a camera,for eg)

Hope you're cheered up by now!!:)

Aneesh said...

Hey sol,

You r tagged


badshah khan said...

have nice shower and then eat something that you love.